Friday, May 18, 2012

Playing catch up....

Hi folks! I know, I know. Its been TOO long since I last posted about our sweet Joey but its been crazy busy. The months of May and June are our busiest time of year. It begins with Mother's Day, Matt's birthday, and MY birthday. Then there are a lot of other birthdays mixed in there. Then in June we have more birthdays and our anniversary. This year we will be traveling to the Bahamas for my sister in law's wedding and she is getting married to a fabulous guy! Sadly this is the first time we will be leaving Joey alone for four days. Ugh.... BUT we can do it. My mom is flying up and will stay here at our house so Joey's routine isn't screwed up.

Speaking of houses! I don't think I have even mentioned that we found a house in Landenberg, PA. Its a beautiful two story house for us since we will be here a while. Here's a picture:

Now on to more important things...JOEY!
He's doing so well. He just had his four month birthday. Sometimes I can't believe we made him. He already has a huge personality. See:

He recovered beautifully from his club feet surgery. Its technically called heel cord release surgery. They cut the achilles tendon since its so tight from being clubbed. So they cut it so it will stretch when its time for him be begin walking. He was placed back into casts for 8 weeks. Then he was fitted for AFO's or Ankle-Foot Orthosis. They will hold his feet in place and it will make it much easier for him to walk when it's time. They are the most adorable little booties :)

 On May 10th he had his last big surgery for hopefully a very looong time. It was to correct two hydroceles, which are fluid filled sacs near his groin. Basically, hernias. He was also circumcised. They also fixed his concealed penis so if and when we have to start cathing again it will make it so much easier. You know, when Joey reads this blog years from now, he will probably want to know why I put his business about his "junk" on the internet. :)  But I feel like this is just part of the process and its something that I wanted to share.This was him waiting patiently the morning of the surgery. He's such a good boy!

Joey has begun Early Intervention with a physical therapist. She's nice and Joey seems to like her. She comes once a week and he works on head control (which he can now keep it up all by himself!) and tummy time to help strengthen his stomach muscles to help roll over. That is a slow process and I think he is behind but he has had set backs with the surgeries. This most recent surgery has kept him out of commission for two whole weeks. But I know he will do everything in his own time, when he is ready.

Joey may be behind physically but he is excelling socially. He is laughing out loud ALL the time. He now mimics and smiles when he is being spoken to. He's so smart. He really enjoys arts and crafts. I try to do something arty once a week since I am a teacher :) Here is a picture of our recent activity with paint!

Okay, I will try to keep up better but things have just been so crazy and I think they will just get crazier from here.   In just four weeks we will be heading to sweet sweet Georgia! Can't wait! You will probably find us a Mr. Chick! I'm hungry....

Oh- I wanted to share my favorite family picture. I think it sums up our little family nicely. This was taken on Easter. And I am the only one paying attention.

Gosh I love them more everyday...

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  1. Ashley, I know I haven't really met him yet, but I love getting to know Joey through your updates. He is so beautiful and has such a sweet smile. I bet he keeps y'all laughing all the time. I'm so glad to hear that he's done with surgery for a while and that he doesn't let them get him down. Keep up the good work Mama! Love you, mean it!! - Lacey